Toufa -Soy milk pudding-(English recipe)



5g Agar agar (2g Japanese agar)

1 tbsp Tapioca starch (or Corn starch)

150ml Water

350ml Full fat soy milk

Instructions :

❶ In a pan, mix agar and tapioca starch. Weigh out 2 tbsp of water and dissolve the mixture. Add the rest of water, stir well.

❷ In a separate small pan, simmer soy milk.

❸ Simmer agar mixture till gets thicken and transparent.

❹ Add hot soy milk into agar mixture. Keep stirring not to make lumps. Simmer for a minute more.

❺ Pour into bowl when it’s still hot. Let it cool and put it in a fridge.

❻ Top with fruits and syrup when you serve.


50g Brown sugar

200ml Water

❶ In a small pan, simmer water and sugar till it dissolve.

❷ Put it in a clean jar. Let it cool and store in a fridge.